Modular House
Quick and Economical Housing at Project Sites

Sloping-roof house (Modular) is a completely new-concept, eco-friendly, economical prefabricated mobile house. It is built on a lightweight steel skeleton surrounded by protective color-coated steel sandwich panels, can be simply and easily assembled in modules, with the components screwed together, and can be quickly assembled and dismantled.

Projects Executed :-

  • Indian Projects – BG Shirke for their project site at Delhi .
  • Overseas Project - Fernas Construction Co., a Turkish Company for their Pipe Line Project at Bangladesh.


Construction site Application :
Housing for Workers, Staff with families, Offices.
Construction Sites in town and remote locations.
Other Applications :
Mining companies - Site or Mine office and Housing.
Medical units and Hospitals in Remote Locations, Constrictions sites
Emergency Housing for disaster sites(hurricanes/floods/earthquake)
Military Camps Remote Location
Accommodation in remote Location and difficult terrain.
Office/Administration space