Tower Cranes (10MT - 120 MT)

SNM Tower Cranes ranging from 10MT - 120 MT provide "Value For Money" with its Rugged and Reliable design with latest state-of-the-art technology. Making it most economical to own & operate. Tower Cranes is an ideal lifting technology and has become a common feature for any civil engineering project.

We offer Quality Tower Cranes of capacity 10T to 60T Capacity for Building Construction as well as Industrial Applications.

KERUN Luffering type Tower Cranes of 80T to 110T capacity for Power Plant applications.

Models :-

  1. FZQ2000Z - 80T
  2. FZQ2400 - 110T
Top Kit Tower Crane Models Max Load
5513 , 6010 , 6013 & 6015 8T
015 , 6018C, 6018 10T
6024, 5617, 6036, 7032, 6015 12T
7030 16T
7060 25T
900-32/50 32/50T

Structural Design :
Types :
Cat Head
Flat Top
Mast :
Equivalent to Potain
Design to reduce the transportation cost and storage area.
Design to sustain very high Bending & Torsional loads. Making it a very stable Tower Crane.
Motors & Drives :
VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
Lower Power Consumption
Lower Power requirement in KVA
Smooth & Accurate Operation
Electronics :
World renowned Electronics -
Safety Devices :
Load Moment Restrictor
Over Load Limit Switch
Trolley Limit Switch
Slewing Limiter
SLI - Safe Load Indicator (Optional)
Applications :
8T to 20T

Building , Dam Construction

12T to 26T


Power Plant

Chimney Erection
Cooling Tower
Cement Plant – for Pre Heater Building
Airport Projects