Work Platforms

Mast climbing platforms are one of the latest advancements in construction technology. All models offer safety and convenience features which have proven to cut labour costs in excess of 30%. They also reduce injuries and shorten production time. They are ideal for a wide range of jobs from new construction to repairs and refinishing on existing buildings.

Work Platform is a perfect solution :
Whenever conventional scaffolding takes too long to erect or proves to be too expensive for short periods.
Whenever scaffolding just won't carry the load, work platforms are the perfect solution.
For Renovation, Masonry, Brick laying. Installation of Cladding, Maintenance and Repair work.
Facades, Towers structures and Bridges
Advantages at a glance :
Rapid erection and dismantling
Hoist and work platform as one unit
Heavy loads can be carried up to heights in excess of 150m.
Spot-on positioning to desired height with precision
Convenient working without obstructions from scaffold tubes or fittings
Time and cost savings up to 40%
Unauthorised access to building is prevented by using work platform, which is easy in case of scaffolding
Platform covers can be added for extra comfort
The length and width of the platforms can be adapt to irregular building / structure facades
Technical Specifications :
Description Single mast Twin mast
Type YLPS150 YLPT150
Max. Loading capacity (kg) 2300 3500
Platform length (m) 2.7 ~ 10.1 8.1 ~ 23.1
Galvanized Mast type Square Square
Suspended Rope Platforms (SRP)
Standard Features :
· Light -weight ALuminium Construction
· Platform Segment - 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 14mtrs.
· Platform Length ( Standard) - 7.5 mtrs.
· Suspension Mechanism - 1] Counter Balance Type 2] Parapet - Clamp Type
· Powered By three Phase Motor with thermal protection
· Twin Drum Wire Winders
· Safety Rope & Suspension Rope
· External Protection Bar for wire winder
· Rope Can be Inserted into the hoist automatically
· Locking rope Angle
Safety Features :
Slack Rope Safety Lock - prevents fall in case of main rope failure.
Top Limit Switches
Electro - Mechanical Service Brake
(No Power) Emergency Descent system.
Toe board protection for wire winder.
Safety harness attachment points.